Easter Services

Join in the online Diocesan Easter services this weekend.
Thursday 7.30 pm  – Maundy Thursday Service from Whanganui
Friday 10 am – Good Friday Reflection from Whanganui
Saturday 8 pm (Note the new time) – Chrism Service from Whanganui
Sunday 10 am – Easter Sunday Service from Whanganui
All services are available here on movementonline.org.nz or Freeview 200 (UHF aerials only).

It’s been great to connect online!

We have been meeting with our GodZone groups Crossfire, Impact and JAM online each Sunday morning.  It has been such fun to see the kids, for them to connect to each other online, hear what they have been up to and to have our groups from the comforts of our own homes!  Thanks to the wonders of technology we have been able to have worship and bible teaching, craft and play games. It has been very encouraging to hear back from parents about how well it has gone and how much their kids have enjoyed the time.  Our online class numbers are growing each week, if you would like to join us, or know a family who might want to get zoomed in, then just let Kate know.  kate@karorianglican.org.nz

Vestry for 2020 – To be Ratified at Next AGM

As you will be aware we have been unable to hold our AGM due to lockdown restrictions and we will advise you as soon we are able to set a date. One of the purposes of an AGM is to form Vestry for the coming year.  However, there are changes to Vestry needed now which will enable us to continue operating during these extraordinary times as John Maurice (People’s Warden), Yvette Michalski and Connor Morrison-Mills have stepped down from Vestry.  These changes will then be presented to be ratified at our next AGM.

As Gregor Coster is our only nomination for People’s Warden, Vestry is appointing him to this role in an acting capacity until this position can be ratified at our next AGM. Gregor is currently on Vestry and well placed to take on the role.

Vestry will co-opt Thea Wallace and Ian Millard onto Vestry to replace Yvette and Connor.  They have been nominated for Vestry prior to the lockdown.

For your information, Geoffrey Lee, Nicky Mildenhall, Adrian Harvey and Kate Harvey Green remain on Vestry in their current roles.

If you have any objection to the process outline above, please lodge them with Ian Cook.  As mentioned above the appointments to Vestry and People’s Wardens will be presented at the next AGM for ratification.

Thank you very much to Yvette, John and Connor for your service and dedicated leadership.  We will be able to acknowledge their service formally at our next AGM. 

Vicar’s Warden

Vicar Ian Cook has appointed Stephen Sharp as his Vicar’s Warden.  He replaces former Vicar’s Warden and Bishop’s Warden during the interregnum, Ian Millard.  Ian will continue as a member of Vestry and Chair of the Finance Committee of Vestry. We  welcome Stephen as he steps into his Vicar’s Warden role, please support him through your prayers.

Giving Receipts

Giving Receipts for the period 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 were emailed to parishioners on Monday this week.  In the email you will find a link which gives you the ability to download your Receipt for filing purposes. If, for some reason, you have not yet received your Receipt, or if you have any questions regarding your Receipt, please contact Heidi on 04 476 8978.  

Please Join in Praying About the Covid-19 Outbreak

  • Pray for those who are sick and all those who have lost loved ones.
  • Pray for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers.
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs or are struggling economically.
  • Pray for the leaders of ALL nations to lead wisely.
  • Pray for the speedy development of a vaccine and medical treatments to help lessen the impact of the virus.
  • Pray that this time will be a time of spiritual awakening for many people.
  • Pray about the future after this pandemic is over.

If You Have Prayer Needs

If you have any individual prayer requests, we have a team of intercessors who would love to pray for you.  We also have people available to talk and pray with you, by phone or online, about your prayer concerns.  In either case, please contact kathleen@karorianglican.org.nz.


We realise for some of you that the lockdown has caused a change in your circumstances and you might not be able to continue with your giving at your same level at this time. Thank you to those of you who are able to continue with your donations, they are very important so that we can continue to serve the Parish. If you previously were giving by the envelope system can we  please encourage you to use the automatic online payment system. If you need assistance on how to set this up online,  please call Heidi ph 476 8978, and she would be pleased to work with you to set that up.