“No one should walk this journey alone”


Pastoral Support

Pastoral care at Karori Anglican is about being family as a church.  Family are a group of people who share laughter, sadness, tragedy, victory, loss, regret, happiness, and success together.  It means no one gets left behind.  There is someone there you can call on when you need extra help or just someone to have a conversation with.  Our trained Pastoral care team are there to meet you for a coffee, bring you meal, pray with you and help where needed.

Wendy, our Pastoral Care Minister would love to meet with you for a chat or to pray together.  Working?  No problem she can meet you on your lunch break.  Also, as parish chaplain she can bring home communion and anoint for healing. 


Pastoral Counselling

Sometimes you need a bit of extra help to work through some of the “stuff” life throws at us.  We also have a small team that have been trained in Pastoral Counselling.  If you would like some help please contact Wendy to make an appointment.

Prayer Support


Prayer Request

  • I would like someone to contact me, by phone or online, to pray with me about my prayer needs.