Dear Parishioner

I trust you and yours are all well and ‘holding the fort’ for one another going into week five and Alert Level 3 starting next Tuesday.

I was saying to our House Church leaders this morning that both House Churches I have been involved with over the last four weeks had been humbling and encouraging as people have grown closer and shared more deeply and honestly with one another. When this happens people also share the things that really matter with God and we can pray with one another in a way that invites God to act in ways we perhaps did not expect.  I hope and pray this has also been part of your experience in these last four weeks. My apologies to anyone who has suffered any technical ‘frustrations’ trying to connect online.

We attached to our newsletter email the updated KAC Phone Directory which provides the phone numbers of our congregational members who have given their permission for them to be included. Please use the Phone Directory to keep in touch with others. For those who are not online we will provide a hard copy.

As you may be aware the Government has been generous to all our staff at ECEC, SMASH and KAC by subsidising our salaries over the 12-week period.  We are aware the financial future is uncertain for many of us and, as you would have realised, we are foregoing any plate and envelope collections while the church building is closed to us all.  Can I please ask those who do give by envelope or plate to consider switching to an automatic payment through their bank (in the near future) so that we can maintain and predict your already generous level of support to help us to stay the course as a church.

The account number for the church is included below.
Karori Anglican Churches – Bank Account Number: 02-0500-0019955-00


During the Alert Level 4 lockdown our after – school care programme (SMASH) and early childhood education centre (ECEC) have been closed.  Both their staff have continued to work from home.

SMASH has been instructed by the Government to remain shut during Alert Level 3.  The ECEC opens on 29 April for a handful of children whose parents cannot work from home.  The Ministry of Education has provided a range of operating and hygiene guidelines which will ensure the wellbeing of both children and staff.

We have been able to maintain our pastoral care to the ECEC families through regular phone and internet contact and our SMASH GirlZone club has continued to meet online for much fun and discipleship.

Below are the details decided on as they are to apply to the Anglican Church during the next alert level.

God’s Peace



Tikanga Pakeha Bishops have agreed on some guidance based on the following Alert Level 3 key principles outlined by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

NZ Government Key Principles

  • Restrict contact with others as much as possible.
  • Protecting the health of New Zealanders is primary focus.
  • Need to be even more vigilant because everybody will have potentially more contact with others; “So it’s actually a lower level in terms of the alert level, but increased vigilance by everybody”.
  • Protect the most vulnerable: for example, over 70’s under alert level 3.  “We do know that that group is at risk.  But we also know that that is a group that is at risk from loneliness and these are things that are very important so we will look to people to really apply their judgement here.
  • People must work from home if they can.
  • Funerals (including tangi) and weddings will be able to go ahead but limited to 10 people. But they can only be services.  No meals, food or receptions can take place.

Guidance from Tikanga Pakeha Bishops

  • No Public Services.
  • Pastoral Visiting
    • Pastoral contact should be maintained through telephone or other means of virtual contact.
  • Clergy should continue to work from within their bubble.
  • Weddings:
    • Non-at-risk clergy may preside at wedding services that meet the Government guidelines.
  • Funerals:
    • Non-at-risk clergy may preside at funeral services that meet the Government guidelines.
  • Use of Churches:
    • Where Churches are used the Government guidelines for workplaces must be followed.
    • Churches may be used for funerals and weddings.