Your challenge – promote to 10 friends to buy one!    Ask them to have their names or business names/logos engraved on the bricks we will be putting outside Te Korōria and the counselling rooms!  Creating a permanent record of support.  We need help to get the word out there and sell the 500 bricks.  There is a FaceBook post you can share with friends, or pick up some flyers after the service to hand to others.  More information can be found at or contact Kate Harvey-Green  


Reminder that the tax year ends 31 March.
Any donations made now will be able to be included in your upcoming tax return. Your donation receipts will be emailed to you in the first week of April.


This Sunday (20 March) is the start of Week Three of our Lent Studies. We are studying “Lent for Everyone: Luke, Year C – A Daily Devotional” by NT Wright. The study book is now available!  You can pick up a copy on Sunday ($10 donation to our Church account), or pick up a copy from the Church Office during the week.  The material can also be purchased in digital form through Amazon. You will then need to read this through the Online Kindle App (you do not need to own a Kindle) click here to purchase the digital copy.  You can then read this in your web browser on your computer or phone. 


If you, or someone in your household, has had exposure to Covid then please stay at home until you are verified as COVID free. NOTE the isolation period is currently 7 days.  All clergy presiding at communion will be Rapid Antigen Tested and cleared the day before the service is held, along with all our existing measures to minimise the risk of COVID spread. 
Exercising when self isolating:
When you are self-isolating, if you feel well enough, you can exercise outside your home in your neighbourhood – but not at any shared exercise facility, such as a swimming pool or gym.  When exercising please ensure that you carry a mask at all times.
Online Services:
The Anglican Diocese are running their online service again on Sunday mornings.  For those of you who choose, or need to stay home at this time, do join the online service by clicking on this link.
House Churches:
Our House Churches are underway for Lent (more information on our lent groups can be found below) and will be our main source of pastoral connection should the Sunday services need to be discontinued.  If you are not yet in a group, and would like to join please email the office.  If the services are discontinued we will let the congregations know via email and phone for those who are not online as much!
Vulnerable parishioners:
The Senior’s pastoral care team will be in touch with our more vulnerable congregation members.



Fridays 7.15pm to 9.30pm – Meet at the church office, 8 Fancourt Street
Thanks for your prayer support in our search for a Youth Worker.  We now have a fantastic opportunity on the table, so please continue to keep this in your prayers – that it will all come to fruition.   In the meantime, we are coaching our current youth to step up and lead and support the youth work ourselves.  Please pray for Ian and Kate as they prayerfully work out the way ahead for us.  Youth Group is for secondary school aged youth and meets every Friday during term time.  If you have any questions please contact Ian Cook.  





When: Sunday 27 March, 2pm-4pm.  Meet at: The Shelter, Historic Chapel, Karori Cemetery 

First a workshop, and then action, finished by a bite of afternoon tea (organised by Thea).

Help to free Karori Cemetery from weeds including identifying and controlling weeds in your own backyard, your neighbourhood, and local reserves.
In this collaboration of Friends of Karori Cemetery with Karori Kaitiaki and Old Man’s Beard Free Wellington, you are invited to join them to a free training workshop followed by hands-on practice at controlling weeds. Darryl Kee, a weed control specialist, will be joining the workshop.  You will learn:
* The old man’s beard (OMB) lifecycle and why it’s a problem
* How to identify OMB from other vines
* How to use iNaturalist to record (and find reports of) flora and fauna
* How to control OMB (and some other weeds in the cemetery)
Directions: From the Karori Road entry (beside the Fire Station), drive through the cemetery until you get to The Shelter (Historic Chapel) which is next to Roman Catholic 1 on the map. Click here to view the map.
Clothing: Please wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and wear sturdy shoes or boots. If you have gardening gloves and secateurs or hedge shears, please bring those. 
Traffic Light Red regulations must be followed ie. vaccine passports are required, you must wear a mask, and you must sign in with the COVID-19 QR code poster on arrival at The Shelter.



This year’s AGM will be held on Monday, 2 May starting at 7pm.  Pop this date in your calendar now! 


SMASH has spaces for school children (ages 5-13) in their Holiday School Programme which runs from 19 – 29 April.
This is a fun-packed programme running different themes each day with age-appropriate activities. For more information please contact Yvette or visit the SMASH website  

SMASH is looking to recruit an energetic Second in Charge who would quickly connect with our children and staff within our before school, after school and holiday programme. With up to 60 children daily in the programme it is paramount that all children are engaged in age-appropriate, high interest and active activities. If you have initiative, are passionate about serving our community and have leadership skills then contact Tabatha at


Counsellor Sarah Richards is now working from our office from 9.30am-5.00pm each Monday and Tuesday.  Do let your friends or family know if they are looking for support. 
To book a counselling session with Sarah, or to find out more information about Mind Health, please visit the website.  Sarah enjoys working with adults, teens and children. She is passionate about counselling and the power of the therapeutic relationship to bring healing and freedom. She has experience in the areas of: grief and loss, anxiety, abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, self-worth and school counselling. She likes psycho-education and resourcing her clients with practical tools. 


We are looking for volunteers to join our 9am door team.  This is an important role where you get to welcome our parishioners and guests to church!  If you are interested in assisting our current team and you’re happy to be rostered on a semi-regular basis, then please contact Heidi in the office  Blessings.




This week was an exciting week on-site with a huge concrete pour of the slab for Te Korōria.  The 93 cubic metre pour went really well, and you can now see really easily the size of our building – pop your head over the fence and check it out!  Next week the blockwork arrives on site.  The whole build continues to be running to time, which is great news despite COVID-19.  We also had an interview with a Stuff reporter – so look out for that article!

Fundraising is still really important – a new fundraising thermometer is on our fence line so we can record progress.  If you know of anyone that you think the fundraising team should be approaching, please do let Kate know (  This time of year gives people the opportunity to make donations that could well be eligible for a tax rebate.  



As part of our passion for integrating care of creation and sustainability into life and activities in our church and community, we are excited to reveal our new recycling bins for St Mary’s gathering area and the church office. We now have four separate bins for Glass, Landfill, Paper and Plastics and Cans.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to help keep our community and country clean!  When using these bins it is very important that rubbish is put in the correct bins and that any recycling items, ie. plastics, cans and bottles, are thoroughly washed and dried before throwing them away.  We thank you in advance for your continued support in keeping our church community eco-friendly!  You will see these bins in St Mary’s as well as in the offices, SMASH, and the Early Childhood Centre thanks to a grant from Wellington City Council.


If you have any pastoral care concerns or queries please contact Ian Cook


With Covid now circulating in communities around New Zealand including Karori, please ensure you do not attend services if you are feeling unwell, or are required to isolate (more on isolating can be found below).
Vaccination Certificates
We have started recording that we have sighted your vaccination passport and you will not need to present it again, if you have already, except for some random spot checks as required by law.  However, upon entry you still need to scan in with the contact tracing QR codes and/or fill out a Record Keeping Contact Slip.
If You Are Unvaccinated
If you are unvaccinated, you can access an audio recording of the sermon which will be posted early the following week under the Resources section on our website
If you are asked to isolate due to either having Covid, or you need to self-isolate due to being a close contact with someone who has Covid, it is important that you have support while isolating and that we take care of each other.  If you are in a house church, your first point of contact is your house church leader. If you are not in a house church, or cant get hold of your house church leader, please contact Heidi in the parish office. It is important that you let at least one of them know so that they can keep in touch and arrange help for you when required.  

To minimise risk to our most vulnerable congregation members, please note the following:

  • Priests offering communion will have a rapid antigen test before the service
  • Masks are required, except for those leading and reading. Please make sure you are wearing your mask when you arrive (especially during the crossover between our two services). We will have spare masks available should you forget.
  • Chairs will now be placed 1m apart. However, you can move chairs into groupings should you all agree to.
  • Communion is still by one element only.
  • The peace is non-contact only.
  • Morning tea will not be served.
  • Children and Youth can join us at the start of the 10.30am service and then can exit to their programmes.



We will be selling Karori Anglican caps and tee shirts on Sunday in the gathering area.  If you have already ordered one, come and collect it, and if not you can buy one on the spot!   These will look great when you are out serving the community in Kaitiaki or anywhere else!  You can pick up the tee shirts and caps 
Pricing: $20 per cap and $35 per Tee shirt (navy with KA logo on chest) – both the cap and tee shirts are dark navy in colour – refer picture above.