Completed Building Work

We have completed a number of building projects over the past few years, including strengthening St Mary’s Bell Tower, to ensure our community’s safety, preserve the buildings and to create new environments for everyone to enjoy.

Playgarden Development

In 2019 we developed the Parish office lawn area to include a play area. This space has been very popular for both our afterschool programme and with the public as we have encouraged everyone to come and enjoy this fun space.

(Strengthening Works)
Strengthening and repair work was completed and the church reopened in December 2017.  Thanks to the parishioners, Wellington City Council, Built Heritage Incentive Fund, Lion Foundation and Meridian Energy for their friendly support.


The earthquake strengthening of our Early Childhood Centre and the Activity room above it stared in late 2014.  This was completed in early 2015, and the children and teachers enjoy being back in their new space.  In 2020/21 we installed an amazing play space that uses natural materials and encourages childrens exploration of the natural world and wonder. 

Future Work

Construction of our New Build is planned to start in September 2021. This project will address the earthquake risk of the Old Parish Hall.

There will then be two further projects to complete: Strengthening of both St Mary’s Church and the former Vicarage.

We will need to raise around $1.8 million to strengthen St Mary’s, we are optimistic that Heritage Funding will be available to support this. The work will need to be completed by 2028.