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Community Connection Point

It Started with an Earthquake in 2012

In 2013 the Wellington City Council marked as earthquake-prone four of Karori Anglican’s buildings and a plan of action of the future – the KAC Property Programme was put in place.

Fast Forward to 2019

  • A little over four years ago we had a parish-wide session and thought and dreamt big about what we wanted our spaces and buildings to do in the future. We had a vision to deepen our connection with our local community, fulfilling our vison to Impact Communities for Jesus.
  • We launched a Property Fund to which many parishioners made pledges and have been giving generously since then. In addition to this, we had proceeds from the sale of St Philips in Karori West, which have always been intended for a building to connect to the community.
  • Our property team translated what the parish asked for into a design brief for architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. They came back to us with costs, design, and plans.
  • We’ve since trimmed down our aspirations to fit our budget.
  • On 9 June, we held a Special General Meeting, to vote on our Vision and our design plans. The vote was strongly in support of our vision of what and how we will operate in our new building and in favour of continuing in the process of our design plans.
  • The thinking about how we will deliver our vision has developed as we have considered how we can meet social needs, operate ethically, living out like Jesus calls us to live and operate to generate a profit that can be reinvested in our community.

Our Vision

  • We have a vision to create a facility that connects the church with, and serves the local community more deeply.
  • We have a long history of supporting and working with families through playgroups, Early Childhood Centre, and SMASH.
  • We want to improve the quality of peoples lives, well being, relationships and also bring the church into the community in a more meaningful, intentional and sustained way.
  • We want to provide services that meet a social need, operate ethically, live out kingdom values and importantly, operate to generate a profit that we can then reinvest in our community to meet needs of the last, the lost and the least.
  • This generosity is central to the project and will be part of its unique attraction to its customers
  • Our vision is to operate services that include a café, a substantial soft play and a family counselling service, all operations that are complementary with each other and have synergy with our other ministry areas.
  • Karori Anglican has more than 20 years experience of running two successful operations, The Early Childhood centre and SMASH.
  • The Café and soft play provide great avenues to connect to our community. The café will be for everyone to use, supplying fair trade and ethically sourced products
  • The Soft play area will be for children aged 2-10, a place where parents and caregivers can know their child is happy, safe and occupied, enabling them to spend time in the café and connect with others, (all helped by soundproofed, clear walls ensuring other cafe users are not disturbed by the children at play!).
  • Counselling on site for whanau and individuals
  • In addition, the new build will enable staff to be centrally located to the action and allow the Anglican Youth Movement to establish a house in the current offices enabling a whole raft of ministry activities to flow from their work.
  • This vision has been endorsed by members of our Parish and  Vestry.

What about the other buildings? 

  • St Mary’s church building remains a major asset. It stays as our primary place of worship and a space that can be transformed to fit our needs eg SMASH.
  • The Anglican Youth Movement will be housed in the old Parish Offices. This will provide a boost in our mission to Karori Youth. In addition, the café and soft play activities will give us an opportunity to provide youth with vocational training in work such as hospitality and child supervision.
  • Staff will be housed in the new building. They will be close to the action.

What’s Next? 

  • Now that our Vision has been approved work will continue to develop business planning around the services we want to provide in our new building to ensure they can help us deliver our vision.
  •  We will be proceeding through the gaining resource consent based on our preliminary design.
  • Once we have resource consent we will be developing detailed design drawings to enable builders to tender on construction. 
  • We will be seeking Parish approval before entering into a contract with a building company.
  • We are exploring the best name for our new building, and appropriate branding to reflect everything that Karori Anglican Churches is in the community. 
  • Look out for updates on Facebook, here on the website, the newsletter and the church foyer.
  • Tell your friends outside of church about what’s proposed. It’s for them too – and we need them to make it work!


Community Connection Point – Fundraising 

  •  Vestry has set a budget of $3.2 million for the project.  This is to be met from donations from pledges, funds already in the Property Fund (mainly from the proceeds of the sale of St Philip’s), grants from external organisations and loans.
  • We have currently raised over $1.8 million, which is fantastic, and we believe the $3.2 million target is achievable with the ongoing commitment of our parish and approaches to funders.
  • If you would like to donate to the project, please click here below.


Completed Work

St Mary’s Bell Tower

The strengthening of St Mary’s Tower has been completed. The Tower reopened on 14 August 2016.

St Mary’s Early Childhood Education Centre

The strengthening of ECEC was completed in late 2014/early 2015, and the centre has been being used since the beginning of 2015. 

St Matthias (Strengthening Works)

The strengthening and repair work is complete and the church reopened in December 2017.  Thanks to the parishioners, Wellington City Council, Built Heritage Incentive Fund, Lion Foundation and Meridian Energy for their friendly support.

Looking forward

The Future Work Programme

The Community Connection Point is due for completion in 2020 and the programme timetable after that is driven by two factors: the need to complete seismic strengthening by 2028 and the availability of funds.

There are three work packages to complete: the Parish Hall and the other items deferred in the re-scoping of the Community Connection Point, St Mary’s Church Strengthening and the former Vicarage strengthening.

The order in which these are carried out has not been decided and the timetable shown assumes the Parish Hall package is done first followed by St Mary’s and then the former Vicarage.

Two major fundraising campaigns of about $1.7 million each are needed for the Parish Hall and St Mary’s.  These are assumed to take at least three years each.

The following timetable indicates that the Parish Hall package will be completed by 2024, St Mary’s by 2028 and the former Vicarage by 2030

St Mary’s Church – Strengthening

  • Completion: 2028

    This work covers the strengthening of St Mary’s Church and bell-tower.

    In 2016 we strengthened the Tower to the minimum level required and have retained the operating restrictions that have been in place since 2013.  Significant further strengthening work is required

    Recent additions of cupboards in the Gathering Area and stage lighting and a new sound system in the body of the Church have been made to support the current use of St Mary’s in the knowledge that it will continue to be used as a multi-purpose building for the foreseeable future.

    The early strengthening schemes and estimated costs from 2013 have not been updated, other than to add construction cost inflation of 60% from 2013 (when the initial cost estimate of $1.1 million was prepared) to 2028 (the expected completion of the strengthening work), giving an estimated cost in 2028 of $1.8 million.

    There are a number of specific pledges for this work which are being kept separate. A further fundraising campaign of about $1.75 million will be required both from within and outside the parish.  A completion date of 2028 allows for a three-year St Mary’s fundraising campaign.


Parish Hall – Strengthening and Remodelling

Completion: 2024

Due to funding constraints the strengthening and remodeling work scheduled to be carried out at the same time as the Community Connection Point has been deferred until after the completion of the Community Connection Point

This work is expected to cost $1.0 to $1.5 million (depending on the scope of work) and a new fundraising campaign will be launched for this.


Parish Office (Former Vicarage) – Strengthening

Completion: 2030

This work is expected to cost $200,000 and design / planning / fundraising work for this hasn’t begun yet. 



Property Fundraising

The estimated costs (in dollars of the year of construction) for the future property programme work is:

  • Community Connection Point – $3.2 million in 2020
  • Parish Hall – $1.0 to $1.5 million in 2024
  • St Mary’s Church – $1.8 million in 2028
  • Parish Office – $0.2 million in 2030

In dollars of the year that’s a total of $6.2 to $6.7 million by 2030. We have $1.9 million in hand and over the next 12 years need to raise $4.3 to $4.8 million from Parishioner pledges and the community.

 We envisage that this will require three fundraising campaigns with Parishioners pledging towards them.

  • Community Connection Point (2015 – 2020)
  • Parish Hall (2020 to 2024+)
  • St Mary’s Church (2025 to 2028+)

Your Personal Response


Prayerfully respond as generously as your circumstances will allow, and spread your gifts over the years in the manner that best suits your circumstances. Remember that gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for your generous financial and operational support of the Property Programme – your support makes it possible.


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