Te Korōria

 Our New Build

Our Vision


We have been caring for whānau in Karori for over 150 years. Now it’s time to do more.  We are excited to be embarking on a new venture to reduce isolation, strengthen whānau and foster well-being in our community.  This outreach will enrich our parish life, as we have space to engage and serve those we live among.  It will fit seamlessly alongside our existing provision of Early Childhood Education and After School Care. 


    A cafe run on social enterprise principles and a space to develop lasting relationships for all generations. Training and employment opportunities too!
    High quality indoor play for children, generating income to reinvest in our community, creating moments of respite for caregivers and opportunities to connect with others.
    Family and individual counselling to support well-being.
    Anglican Youth Movement will be living on our campus providing a base for youth and a place to belong. 
    Traffic-free courtyard for play, benefiting all kids and youth services.
    There are limitless future possibilities of how we can serve our community.  The building is designed to adapt to changing needs.


  • Reduced isolation and lasting relationships formed.
  • Support and strengthened whānau.
  • Income generated to reinvest in our community, allowing subsidised access to services for those in need.
  • Our Church is known for its care of the community and its outreach.


First built in 1866 our Church has served Karori and Makara for generations.

Through wars, earthquakes, depression and everyday life, we have supported whānau through pastoral care, mothers union, pre-school child care, (including the first playcentre in NZ, established during WWII), playgroups, activity groups, aged care support and more recently our Early Childhood Centre and After School Care programme (SMASH).

This new building will become a landmark of Karori’s Marsden Village, a place that will evolve to serve and support future generations. A place our great grandchildren will come to know as part of their DNA.

Be Part of the Future

  • Our total building cost will be around $4 million.
  • We have already raised over half of this funding thanks to the incredible generosity of people committed to our vision, and proceeds from the sale of St Philips Church.
  • We are seeking a further $1.8 million. Join us as we make this vision a reality.
  • If you would like to donate to the project please click below.

Want to Know More?

Please get in touch with Kate Harvey-Green, Ian Cook or Geoff Lee.

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 Remember that gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go towards the new build.

Current Project Update

  • Resource consent was recieved in late April 2020.
  • Choice Construction have been appointed to work with us and our architects (Studio Pacific) as we develop our detailed design. 
  • Detailed design work is now in progress, we will be seeking building consent in early 2021.
  • Parish approval will be sought before entering into the construction contract.
  • The building will be called Te Korōria,  (which means “The Glory”) and we currently developing a logo and a tag line that lets people know what is on offer inside.   
  • We are exploring options for an appropriate partner, who shares our vision to partner with us to deliver our hospitality element.
  • Look out for updates on Facebook, here on the website, the newsletter and in the church gathering area.
  • Tell your friends about what we are doing, together we will be able to achieve our vision.

Completed Building Work


We have completed a number of building projects over the past few years to ensure our community’s safety, preserve the buildings, and to create
new environments for everyone to enjoy.

St Mary’s
Bell Tower

The strengthening of St Mary’s Bell Tower has been completed. The Tower reopened on
14 August 2016.

St Mary’s
Early Childhood Education Centre

The strengthening of ECEC was completed in late 2014/early 2015, and the Centre has been in use since the beginning of 2015. 

St Matthias (Strengthening Works)

The strengthening and repair work is complete and the church reopened in December 2017.  Thanks to the parishioners, Wellington City Council, Built Heritage Incentive Fund, The Lion Foundation and Meridian Energy for their kind  support.

Playgarden Development

In 2019 we developed the office lawn area to include a play area that is open to the public and also  used by our After School Care programme. 

  This space has been very popular and it’s great to see families enjoying the space.    We have completed further landscaping and planting during 2020.  

Future Work

Construction of our New Build is planned to start in 2020.  This project will address the earthquake risk of the Old Parish Hall.

There will then be two further projects to complete. The strengthening of St Mary’s Church and the former Parish Vicarage.

We will need to raise around $1.8 million to strengthen St Mary’s Church and we are optimistic that Heritage funding will be able to support this.  The work will need to be completed by 2028.

It is likely that the strengthening of the AYM house (former Parish Vicarage) will be completed following this.

Yes! I want to support this project

Remember that gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go towards the New Build.


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