Feedback from the Wellington City Council has led to a variation in our preliminary design that we presented at the June Special General Meeting.  In the revised design, the improvements we are proposing are:

· demolish the Parish Hall and old brick Supper Room and
· use this space for access and parking
· remove the ramp
· create a traffic free courtyard at the Early Childhood centre level.

This revised design enables us to meet important requirements about vehicle movements, parking, and allows us to resolve the earthquake risk that the Parish Hall and brick Supper Room carries for us.  The courtyard space and additional parking will be great assets to our facilities.

This will cost more than the previous design, largely because we are dealing with the earthquake liability of the Parish Hall and Supper Room now, rather than in a few years .

We are currently in the process of setting up a new fundraising team, if you are excited about our Vision, and would like to be part of this please come and talk to Ian C, Kate HG or Geoff L

We will be holding a SGM on the 25 August at noon for those on the Electoral roll to vote on this improved design.  In August leading up to the SGM, we will have an information table available after Sunday services.  You will have opportunity to ask any questions you like and take a detailed look at the plans.