Resuming Sunday Services in New Alert Level 2

At Karori Anglican we are keen to start holding our Sunday services at both St Mary’s and St Matthias churches now that the new Alert Level 2 allows church gatherings of up to 100. House Church groups will continue to meet as usual and we encourage you to continue to meet with your group.

These are the guidelines we are using at this level:
– The 9 am service is for those without children and those who consider themselves more vulnerable.
– The later morning service will start at 11 am to allow time for cleaning between services.
– The 11 am service will be for families, youth and those who consider themselves less vulnerable.
– Morning tea will not be served.
– There will be no contact during the peace.
– Seats will be set-up 1 metre apart.
– Communion will be by bread/ wafer only.
– There will be a thorough cleaning of publicly used surfaces between services.
– Parents will take their children directly to GodZone and pick them up from there as they leave.
– We will be keeping a record of who attends for contact tracing.

Please note these guidelines may change as the Government advises and Parishioners will be advised of any updates, as we hear of them. Also we understand that some of you may feel that this may be too much of a risk for you to start attending services again at the moment and that’s OK.

Once open, and to keep within strict health and safety guidelines, we will be initiating thorough cleaning of publicly used surfaces between and after the 9 am and 11 am services. We are now looking for volunteers (preferably people who don’t already volunteer) to help with this job. Please let Heidi know if you can assist with this.